7 Good Reasons For A City Trip To Vienna

Published on 07/11/2022

Austria is always worth a trip. However, it is worth not only focusing on the Alps: the capital of the city with the highest quality of life is a microcosm of its own that needs to be discovered.

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7 Good Reasons For A City Trip To Vienna

Imperial Coffee House Feeling

Feeling like the Emperor in Vienna? No problem thanks to the historic center with its Art Nouveau, Gothic and Baroque buildings. In particular, Schönbrunn Palace and the memory of Emperor Franz and Empress Sisi contribute to the incomparable flair of the city. Just like the relaxed and inspiring coffee house culture that makes Vienna unique and absolutely popular as a destination.

Vienna Is Simply Lovable

Being named the city with the highest quality of life 10 years in a row deserves serious respect. Vienna simply knows how to present itself with educational and transport offers, cultural and culinary sights and, above all, with an endearing manner. Who doesn’t know and like the slightly self-deprecating and charming Viennese joke?!

Cultural Diversity

The penchant for the unusual and beautiful is writ large in Vienna. It is therefore not surprising that the Austrian capital is home to many cultural highlights and artists. In addition to the art history museum and the Albertine, the Schönbrunn Zoo is also one of the absolute must-haves on every sightseeing list.

City Life Meets Nature

What happens when the largest German-speaking university encounters more than 500 kilometers of city hiking trails? Something excellent! In Vienna, you can relax in various local recreation areas when your head is spinning after a long day of training, study or work. Very relaxed – and with the prospect of an (inter)nationally highly recognized degree.

Public Transport System

Vienna has a local transport system that makes almost all other metropolises green with envy: 210,000 kilometers of route network, on which five underground, 29 tram and 127 bus lines operate and transport 2.6 million passengers every day – a real house number. And that for just a little more than one euro per day per passenger. If you don’t use public transport here, it’s your own fault.

The Vineyards of Vienna

Winegrowing within the city limits – and that in a metropolis of millions? No other city of this size can do that! And it’s not about a little corner in a stealthy nook. No, a total of 700 hectares are mostly used for the cultivation of white wines. This is how the Viennese and their guests can enjoy the irresistible pleasure of landscape and wine culture. The Heurige greets you from right outside the front door.

Bridge To The East

Not only the Viennese themselves, but also many tourists agree: Vienna is the easternmost city in the west and the westernmost city in the east. After all, the Slovak capital Bratislava is almost a neighboring city of Vienna. With the fall of the Iron Curtain, Austria and Slovakia were able to really grow together at this point.