5 Tips On How To Live A Happier Life

Published on 07/27/2021

What is happiness even? The dictionary has several explanations for happiness. It can be a favorable stroke of fate, but it can also be a feeling of joy. You cannot always rely on fate, but you can steer it and give your life positive experiences.

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5 Tips On How To Live A Happier Life

Be Thankful

You are dissatisfied with your job, you earn too little, you cannot afford a high-quality music system or designer clothing, let alone a Caribbean vacation? Material Objects often become uninteresting as soon as you own or have them. Think of the many people who do not even have a roof over their heads, who have hardly any clothes and little to eat. Many of them have to fear for their lives, are on the run to an unknown country, and really just want to have a home. These people are often happier than those who are financially better off. Many studies have shown that happiness clearly depends on one’s attitude and on our ability to be thankful for what we have.

Be Kind To Others

When you have convinced yourself of smiling to yourself, try to apply it to your fellow human beings. Greet your neighbors, the people in stores, your co-workers, people you know by sight, and so on with a friendly smile. In most cases, you will get back a smile that may seem a bit surprised on some faces, because friendliness is in short supply these days. You can change it! You know: smiling makes you happy. As the French writer, André Gide already wrote, “Those who make others happy will be happy.”

Smile  To Yourself

Everyone has a bad mood or even bad luck to a greater or lesser extent. However, there is one thing you can do to improve your mood: smile! Even if you are unwell and you see no reason to smile, try anyway. As soon as you pull the corners of your mouth upwards, a signal is sent to your brain that reports that you are feeling better. Can’t you imagine? Give it a try! You will be surprised, maybe even a little bit happy.

Be Good To Yourself

In everyday life, we often take far too little time to do something good for ourselves. As a substitute, high-calorie food and drink, cigarettes, alcohol or tablets must be used, which harm the body and soul rather than help. In a quiet moment, think about what would be really good for you. Take regular breaks to consciously relax, listen to music, go for a walk, dance, read a book, etc. Enjoying these little rewards will make you feel happier than if you continuously challenged yourself to overwhelm and then numb.

A Matter Of Attitude

Some people only see the negative side of life, for them the glass is always half-empty, although they neither suffer hardship nor are they sick. Others, on the other hand, manage to be happy despite severe illness or poverty. How does it work? Quite simply: happiness is all in the head. If you have a tendency to complain about everything all the time, then you may not be comfortable. Don’t wait for others to change your life!