Flight Attendants Reveal Their Best Kept Secrets For A Smoother Flight

Published on 02/04/2021

If anyone knows all the best travel tips, it would definitely be the super flight attendants. As part of their job, the majority of their time is spent on airplanes, in airports of traveling around some of the most beautiful destinations – which means they are true expert travelers. Keep reading to see just a few of their best secrets so passengers can have a smooth flight.

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Flight Attendants Reveal Their Best Kept Secrets For A Smoother Flight

Wear Layers

Deciding what to wear for a flight can sometimes be quite challenging. Usually, people aim for total comfort, however, there are also people who tend to rather “dress up” with the intention of looking oh so glam! Whatever way to decide to go, flight attendants highly recommend that your outfit includes layers. Both the airports and the airplanes happen to be quite cold, also, there may be variations in temperature between your departure city and your final destination. So take their advice and wear layers!

Don’t Change Money At The Airport

Even though this next hack might not be that necessary, it’s still good to know. First off. it’s not imperative to carry large amounts of money when you travel, as most places accept credit cards. However, there are people who prefer to carry a small amount of cash with them for things like tips or outdoor markets. The best thing to do is plan ahead, figure out how much money you need, and find the best rate possible. Another option to wait until you reach your final destination and find a currency exchange place there. Whatever you do just don’t change money at the airports, their rates are known to be bad.

Sit At The Back

Flight attendants have noted that people opt to sit at the front of the plane so they can get off first. Some passengers have said sitting at the front of the airplane means you don’t have to deal with that much turbulence or airsickness. However, flight attendants have revealed that passengers who sit at the back often receive much better service while onboard.  According to one flight attendant, some will actually avoid call bells at the front of the plane: “because answering one means potentially flaunting whatever item the passenger has requested to everyone else along the way,” she wrote. This may then cause issues with other passengers.

Walk Around

This next tip is not just for old people, but something that everyone should be doing, especially on long haul flights. As well as stretching as much as you can in your seat, make sure to still up and down the aisles, at least every hour or so. As this helps the body, it additionally helps ward off swollen feet and blood clots while in the air. Some passengers also opt for pressure stockings, which are great as well.

If possible, Don’t Send Pets Via Cargo

When wanting to transport your beloved pets abroad, one of the most important tips that flight attendants suggest is that passengers should avoid sending their pets via cargo at all costs. Basically, it’s really not the most pleasant experience for these little animals. Extreme temperatures and poor ventilation in the cargo hold have been responsible for multiple pet deaths, not forget that noise is completely unregulated down there, which may also cause harm to the animals. If you must travel with your pet, pay that bit extra to carry them onto the flight with you…you’ll both be a lot happier at the end.