The World’s Most Beautiful Airports

Published on 11/30/2020

Traveling to a new destination is always fun and exciting, however, sometimes the most stressful and unpleasant part of it all is having to spend a few hours (or more) in airports that aren’t so well-equipped or even comfortable. We can all agree that there’s no better way than to start your vacation off on the right foot and by that we mean being in an airport that’s not only well equipped but properly designed to give passengers the best travel experience. For so many people, an airport can really set the mood or even impact how the rest of their journey will go. So, we’ve made a list of some of the best and most beautiful airports from around the world.

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The World’s Most Beautiful Airports

Denver International Airport

This airport is known to be one of the most beautiful airports within the United States Of America. Located in Denver, Colorado, the airport boasts some of the most fascinating architecture that travelers can enjoy at any time of the day. Even though it is known to be one of the top 5 busiest airports within the US, with more than 65 million passengers traveling each year, there’s definitely nothing like this airport.

Menara International Airport

This airport also located in Marrakech in Morocco and is all about the stunning exterior and the beautiful architecture. Not many people know but this airport is actually quite small and somewhat modest, yet gorgeously stylized with an Islamic ornamental design. This one of a kind airport sheds loads of natural light inside the terminal, meaning passengers can enjoy varied brightness during different times of the day. Before Menara International Airport existed, the area was actually a military base during World War II. Currently, the airport sees roughly 4.5 million passengers yearly.

Singapore Changi Airport

This airport is located in Singapore and is said to be the world’s best airport, sometimes it is said to be a universe of its own. This airport sees about 65 million passengers pass through every year. With over 300 retails shops, movie theatres, children’s playgrounds, gorgeous gardens, and spas, there’s always something for everyone to enjoy while waiting to board their flight.

Vancouver International Airport

Travelers who make their way to Vancouver, Canada will get to experience the gorgeous land, sea, and sky of Canada all in one place. This airport boasts an impressive collection of sculptures and let’s not forget the two amazing aquariums. The entire design of the airport was actually all inspired by locals from Candas; indigenous culture. Passengers who have a layover at Vancouver International Airport are always happy with the pleasant surprise that awaits them inside the airport.

Heydar Aliyev International Airport

Not many people would expect to see this on this kind of list, but you best believe that one of the most beautiful airports in the world is actually located in Baku, Azerbaijan. For those who love to travel to places that are not so popular, this is an airport that you cannot miss out on! The airport includes some beautiful and unique geometric shapes that are definitely Instagram worthy. But that’s not all, Heydar Aliyev International Airport includes some awesome facilities such as sleeping pods, numerous shops and of course many great restaurants, bars and cafes.