Pack Your Bags! Bali Awaits

Published on 10/01/2020

It is no secret that Bali has become the first desired destination for many travelers. Putting aside the beautiful landscapes, beaches, a cotton candy-sky, and the exotic wildlife that Bali has, did you know that some of the most heavenly and luxurious villas can be found there? Just imagine a private infinity pool, a private beach, a private sunset…  The interior design of these villas will take your breath away and make you want to stay forever. They can be found in the remotest places such as among rice fields, on the side of the beach, along cliff-fronts… No wonder this is in almost everyone’s bucket list! Nothing is wrong with daydreaming! Take a look at these insane villas and chose which one adequates for your needs best!

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Pack Your Bags! Bali Awaits

Villa Istana (Uluwatu)

Ever heard of Uluwatu Beach? in case you didn’t, it is the favorite beach for surfers, and this villa is located only 10 minutes away from it. The design of the villa makes a very smooth distinction between the interior and the exterior, which will provide guests with the opportunity to experience the beauty of Bali from first raw. The villa has 5 bedrooms and it can fit up to 10 guests. Food won’t be a problem because there is a private chef that will take care of your hunger! The villa features a 104 feet infinity swimming pool. The price of the villa is $2500 per night.

Uluwatu Hillside Villa (Uluwatu)

Same as the previous one, Uluwatu Hillside Villa is located in the same surf spot. This villa consists of a three-bedroom home/boats. The villa is decorated with zen-like features. The outdoor area includes an infinity pool, a dining table, and more. The bedrooms feature a king-size bed, fairytale-like balconies, and a private bathroom with outdoor showers! There is also a gym, a spa, and daily yoga classes. The price? from $3335 a night.

Pandawa Cliff Estate (The Bukit)

This villa was designed nevertheless by the internationally known architect Popo Danes and it features 16 bedrooms that are divided between three homes: The Pala, Villa Rose, and Villa Marie. Each home comes with its own kitchen, eating area, Wi-Fi, and private pools!  The Pala is Bali’s biggest villa, the reasons? Well, it comes with a spa room, a gym, and kids playing room. For those of you who prefer modern architecture then Villa Rose is for you, but dor the classic and traditional, Villa Marie should be their go-to!  The whole complex includes tennis and a squash court, a spa, and a gym. The price is around $5941 a night.

Amanusa Villa — Nusa Dua

This is a very tropical Villa, it is located among the jungles of Bali! It includes six bedrooms relatively close to the town but far at the same time for the privacy. The Villa includes a fully equipped kitchen, a dining area, a private pool, and much more! Some of the bedrooms have exterior showers! the villa also features a tennis court, a fitness room, and well you can imagine! The price is around $5000 a night.