Give Yourself A Salon-Worthy Manicure At Home

Published on 03/29/2020
Give Yourself A Salon Worthy Manicure At Home

Give Yourself A Salon Worthy Manicure At Home

Nowadays, it isn’t always possible to go out and get a manicure at your favorite salon. Not to mention, there are times when it simply isn’t in your budget to do so. However, don’t worry – you can do your nails at home and make them look as if you just walked out of the salon. The best part is that doing your own nails will give you the opportunity to be more creative and have fun with it! So, we’ve gathered some great tips to help you get the best possible manicure in the comfort of your own home.

File First

Before you even remove your old nail polish, file your nails. This might sound odd, but hear us out. Filing your nails with nail polish on will be good – the polish provides extra strength to the nails that tend to split and break. Not to mention, differences are more obvious on painted nails, so you’ll have an easier time making sure all your nails are the same length and shape.

Use Your Thumbs

We’ve all had those times when we did our own nails and the polish “flooded” around the cuticles. While most people use an orange stick to clean up the edges, we recommend you try something else. Use your thumb nail to avoid any disasters in the form of ruined freshly-done manicures. Doing so will give you more control. Just be sure to paint your thumbs last to avoid messing them up while cleaning the rest of them.

Fix A Smudge

This has probably happened to all of us more times than we can count – we think our nails are dry, and we find out they aren’t the hard way – by accidentally smudging them. If this happens to you, don’t worry. You won’t have to redo the whole thing. If it’s a minor smudge, brush a small amount of topcoat to smooth it out. If it’s a scratch, let the polish dry completely dry, then dip a cotton swab in nail polish remover and smooth any raised or uneven surfaces. Once you do that, you can paint a small amount of polish over the exposed area. When that dries, paint the whole nail and you’ll be good to go!

Remove Stains

Wearing dark nail polish has its setbacks. One of them is definitely stained nails. If you happen to have discoloration on a nail, don’t try and file it away. Dissolve a denture tablet in a cup of room-temperature water and soak your nails in it for a couple of minutes.