Published on 12/04/2019
Fashion Essentials To Pack For A Vacation

Fashion Essentials To Pack For A Vacation

Going on vacation is always fun and exciting. However, lugging around a bunch of heavy suitcases in the heat of summer? No thanks. In order to avoid that and still look put together on your Instagram-worthy vacation, there are some essentials you’ll need to bring along. You just don’t need to bring every item in your wardrobe with. Pack smart rather than throwing everything in a pile and taking it along.

Back To Basic

First thing first: basic T-shirts and jeans. Pack a few tops you like that can go with a few things. Now, pack a few pairs of jeans that are staples in your wardrobe. You’re better off opting for three pairs of jeans in different colors so you have more to work with.


Of course, accessories can make a boring outfit the most fashionable one. Since they don’t take up too much space, pack some jewelry and other accessories you like such as hats, belts, and scarves. Try not to go overboard, though, because less is more.


Who could forget about shoes? We’re not gonna say only pack two pairs because that’s just plain unrealistic. However, try to stick to three pairs you can use for all kinds of scenarios. Whether it’s a nice dinner or a day out on the town, choose shoes that are versatile.

Dress It Up

To complete your vacation wardrobe, pack in a few dresses. Play around with lengths and patterns. Again – this way you can wear them for different things. Mix and match them with different shoes and accessories and you’ve got a new look!
In short, you don’t have to pack everything you own in order to look amazing when you’re traveling. Just pack versatile pieces that will allow you to mix and match everything for brand new looks every day!